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Good Morning! I am glad that you took time to visit our website. I encourage you to look around and hope that you will find something that interests you. Please visit the site often. I try to keep the content up to date and frequently post entries to the company blog site.
You've decided to visit my site later in the day and I am very appreciative. I hope that you will find something of enough interest that you'll want to chat about ways that I might be able to help you with your web related needs. My focus is on web sites that go farther than the traditional advertise my business web site. I think of my sites are sites that are electronic employees that don't have to be paid but that are willing to work around the clock without taking breaks, weekends off and without holidays.
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About Me...

I thought it appropriate to start by introducing myself and to let you know a little bit about the person I hope you'll decide to partner with for your website and Information System solutions.

I am not indigenous to the Triad. I was born in Greenville, South Carolina into a family that moved around a lot -- mostly in southeastern states. My early interests were religion and music and I was ultimately trained as a church musician and, I've been told, a pretty good organist.

My first exposure to computers was in 1970. Working for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) I became hooked by the whole idea of zeros and ones. I had always been somewhat mathematical because of my music background. Music and computers? They do go together because music notation is highly mathematical with rhythms being a series of divisions and subdivisions.

My curiosity drove me to always be familiar with the latest and greatest; so I have over the years tried to know about and to the greatest extent possible use current hardware and software. I actually ordered the first model of IBM PC on the day that IBM first announced it -- from IBM's office in Washington, DC.

"WWW" and Website Development...

But now, I want to jump to how I got involved with website development and how my talents may help you with your business.

I was a Senior Technical Consultant with what was at that time USAir (now American Airlines) in the early 1990s. Websites were just becoming popular with businesses and I strongly felt that USAir needed to establish a presence on the World Wide Web. [Those of you over 40 remember putting www in front of domain names -- it's not used much anymore.]

It took quite a while but a group of us who were persistent and who kept pressing the issue finally got the airline to listen -- and the airline's presence on the web was born!

How JFSI Came to Be...

The airline industry was experiencing stage after stage of transition, mergers, salary cuts, union disputes and uncertainty during the second half of the 1990s. These uncertainties led a large number of senior technologists to examine alternatives. I chose to use my education, training, experience and interests to leave the structure of the major corporate culture and start my own company. JFSI -- J. Fair Systems, Inc. was born! It was later renamed JFSI when the business structure changed.


I sometimes assume that people I'm speaking with understand the terms I'm likely to use, so I'm going to cover some of them here. I'll try to not use them in the site; but I won't promise. In my continuing effort to divorce myself from language that site visitors and friends don't understand, I ask that you pop into the Contact Us page on this site and chastise me severely for using a term, phrase or acronym that you don't understand. If that's not reasonable and if you're a little curious about all the terms that we computer geeks use, you may want to click this link and download a list of industry specific terms and acronyms. Just have a lot of paper in your printer if you want to print it.

Why Not A DIY Web Site...

Developing a web site is more than just putting a bunch of text into a form and hoping that people will find and respond to what you say in your site. It's a multi-step process that has been time tested to work. Scroll down or click the Web Site Development button on the menu for more information.

My websites are certainly not free, I, just like you, have bills to pay every month. I also remember my father's reminder that people appreciate what they pay for more than things they get free! I commit to two premises. I provide A QUALITY PRODUCT. I provide VALUE. I'm proud that I've never had a client complain or heard about a client complaining about my pricing model.

The Web Site Development Process...

Why Have a Web Site...

Many of my prospective clients have asked "Why the heck do I need a web site?" There is no set answer, but I'm going to give you several that I've given to these nice people.

  1. First and foremost -- your competitors have web sites and you'll need one to maintain your competitive position
  2. One that is sometimes not quite understood, but it's very real -- people in your industry are expected to have a web site. This is especially true for several occupations that you at first blush would not expect, like attorneys.
  3. It just might bring you a client you would not get otherwise.
  4. Why would you not want one?
  5. Compared to other media, it's cheap advertising. You can design and develop one for less than a week's advertising in the local paper. It can become the employee that works 24X7.
  6. Your web site may be interactive, it may actually do things like place orders or schedule meetings or events.

I can't and won't guarantee you that a web site will bring prospects scurrying to your door; but I can tell you that without one, the client who would have come as a result of the web site won't be there!

Partial Portfolio...

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CSS3 - Cascading Style Sheet
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) describe how HTML elements are to be displayed on screen, paper or other media. CSS saves a lot of work during design and maintenance phases of website development because they eliminate the need to define how an object is to be displayed every time it occurs within the website.
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HTML5 - Hypertext Markup Language Version 5
HFML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the web. HTML5 is the 5th, most current and most advanced version of the product first introduced by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. Version 5 enhancements make it far more powerful than its predecessors because it now natively supports many of the functions and requirements that had previously required add-on products such as Flash.
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jQuery's motto is "write less, do more", and they are very true to their word. jQuery is a powerful and features rich library that makes things like manipulating non-web based objects possible within websites, allowing the developer to concentrate on function without having to write tens of thousands of lines of custom code.

jQuery is a series of Java and JavaScript libraries that extends the functionality of web based applications to heights never before thought possible. Though not necessarily for the faint of heart, jQuery tools bring many otherwise static websites to life.
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Websites often need to retrieve data from an external data source and display information on a web page. Business to business (B2B) and shopping cart web sites are particular examples. Many (actually, most) of my web sites have data stored in an external database. A script reads the database, retirees the information and formats is so the browser can interpret and display the information.
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It goes without saying that I would like to be able to build a web site using on HTML. That's be far the easiest, because HTML editors make HTML coding very much like a text editor. Reality having kicked in, I realize that I have to add CSS to every web site. CSS is a scripting language; but it's reasonably intuitive and, more importantly, readable. Then there's the class of sites that I work with more often than not -- the site that requires scripts such as the one shown at left. These scripts must be defined, coded, tested and verified across all the browsers that will potentially be used.

These scripts are what separate web sites I produce from those of many of my competitors. They may be complex. Coding may be and often is time consuming. Coding errors may be difficult to detect and fix and may impact performance or reliability of the page.
Other recommended products and tools
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Some users need to control their website content and not rely on me (or another web professional) to make their changes. I often have clients tell me they want to control their site content; but, quite frankly, this rarely works because clients get so busy doing day to day business that they forget about their web site and the content not only gets stale but it looks unprofessional in the process. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule. Newspapers, certain charities, and very large churches need for their content to be up to the minute current!

This is where products like Joomla and Wordpress come into play. The user has a template and very strict input rules. Data is stored in a database -- much the same way as described above in the discussion of php and MySQL, retrieved and formatted for display by your web browser.

JFSI4.com, the J. Fair Systems blog is an example of a Joomla web site.

Contact Me...

Auto Reply
Thank you for your recent enquiry. Be assured that I take your request seriously. I make every effort to respond to any request made before noon on a scheduled work day on the day it is received. I make every effort to respond to requests outside that window on the morning of the first business day after receipt.

Signature (Supports HTML)
Kind Regards
John Fair

Hours of Operation
My schedule tends to be very flexible and I'm happy to see existing and potential clients at almost any scheduled time. You may either contact me via email using the contact us form or by phone at 336-497-1612.

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